Artificial Intelligence and SEO


By large Malaysian Businessman LOVES TO HEAR GUARANTEE!  Recently, we came across a prominent company entering into SEO and claiming “As an xxxxxxxx Digital client, we will rank your selected keywords on the first page of Google search results. Let us help you get on the FIRST PAGE of Google search results!” I have been doing SEO in Malaysia and USA for more than 2 decades and NEVER in our philosophy to tell a client to rank on the first page; to us, Ranking wins ≠ Business Wins and you need to STOP misleading clients.

AI is changing the face of SEO, where algorithms enable machines to make connections and “learn” to process data and apply its learning in future tasks.  Is the methodology practice by the agency still relevant in today AI world??? Be real and stop misleading client! Artificial intelligence, machine learning,  deep learning and natural language processing means search engines are becoming smarter and more human-friendly.  With so much improvement in AI by Google means ranking factors can change from query to query, RankBrain algorithm learns from how people are clicking on the search results and decides the most relevant factors in each search.  I will be VERY SKEPTICAL that anyone can claim to get your site rank FIRST page WITHOUT many years of SEO experience as SEO is becoming 20x more complex than before.  Someone is just using my OLD QUOTE thinking contents is the KING, and yes I used that quote many years back and no longer NOW.


Contents shifted to visual content and it will have an increasing influence on SEO as Google is getting good at knowing what a video, audio clip or image is actually about.  Google is getting better at analyzing visual content, meaning visual artists will have to factor in SEO when creating video and image contents.  RankBrain is being introduced by Google for this purpose, it uses artificial intelligence change to understand the context of content on websites. It is critical to get our keyword research right, and then tie those keywords back into our content using semantic modeling.

“So rather than using the older factors like keyword density; Content relevance, CONTEXT, and value are now more important ranking factors than ever”, if you can rank NEXUS’s site first page as claimed, I will want to subscribe to your service.

STOP MISLEADING CLIENT, It’s no longer about writing CONTENTS about one keyword phrase you picked from keyword research. In true fact, it is about “CONCEPT” related to that keyword.  RankBrain learns the niche you’re in, ALSO narrow your competitors’ pool.  Google will compare your websites to others from your niche, so you’ll have HIGHER CHANCES of ranking and getting traffic AND NEXUS CAN NEVER CONFIDENTLY CLAIM TO RANK 1ST PAGE. Perhaps, we should organize an event to debate about the 1st PAGE CLAIM! 

Come on and BE Ethical! Google will analyze whether clicking patterns on your links whether it stays and read your contents.  Are you telling me building the content is enough and it is the KING??? STOP THAT Bull! It is not about I already covered quality content,  RATHER how you improve link relevance?  go back to the basic and build links like building real relationships and NOT AS CLAIMED! MALAYSIA SEO market has evolved with so much of understanding as no longer buying the story of the BS! Be REAL SEO is no longer about web browsing on computers.

Reality, significant rise of mobile usage comes from voice searches using Siri, Google Now, Alexa, Cortana have become virtual assistants of all our search and this changes SEO.  Voice searches are getting longer and more conversational as Google is making RankBrain as one of their primary ranking signals, meaning Google is DOUBLING DOWN on great content.  “NEXUS knows well and at the forefront of SEO strategies, focusing video and voice search optimization is the future of SEO.”  As Google making great improvements in AI, SEO will become more intuitive and natural and the focus will be in term of delivering relevance and value to searchers, RankBrain will work out the rest using concept modeling.

It is my humble view and I’m against agency claiming to “Rank 1st Page or Guarantee 1st Page or Money Back Guaranteed”.  If you are looking for that so of claims to subscribe to the service, then you will need to start to be realistic and DON’T GET YOURSELF TRAP!

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