Why You Shouldn’t Bother About Google Updates?


As Google is changing so fast and introducing RankBrain as part of their algorithm.  Why bother to keep on chasing after algorithm; worrying about your website ranking has gone the next day? Why not have a good night sleep and when you wake up next day your business not being affected and your ranking still there? Why being so obsessed over changes to the Google ranking results? Over the past few months, I observed quite a number of agencies keep on boosting they have their own PBNs, Contents Syndication Network, and Automated Blogger Outreach system all disappeared from Google; What a BS agencies.

The maturity and understanding of SEO among businessmen in Malaysia still at a very infancy stage and a lot of businessmen still being naive.  If you still believe the BS of agency/agencies telling you that they have access to thousands of private network blogs, thousands of directories, thousand of social accounts, and thousand of forums then you better be very careful!  It is not about building a number of links and that is plain BS!!!  Let me put in a very layman, you know Tony Fenandes well, Group CEO of AirAsia versus you know thousand of others; so which link is more quality?  You should understand the analogy and you need not get misled.

The only reason you need to concern about Google updates when you engaged an unethical agency doing unethical works for you.  I’m just getting bored to educate people to stop being naive! If you start to select an ethical agency, where the agency explains to you in a layman way of how to help your business grow, that will definitely going to grow your business.  I will only advice you, the fundamental of marketing will never change and marketing is driving the right ideas to the right audience and being creative.  Ask the agency stop telling you fairy tales and be real of how they can help your business grow.  Tell them, Can You Guarantee me in Writing That My Website Will Not be Disappeared from Google after you wave up next day!

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