Not NEXUS’s SEO Philosophy Doing Cheap, Cheap SEO = BAD SEO

I have been practising Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 1994 during the era of Altavista, Lycos, InfoSeek, iwon, Askjeeves, Yahoo! and with Google in 1999

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In today business environment, Businesses need to be visible on the internet and in particular in Google search engine and they have no choice. At Nexus we only offers QUALITY Local SEO and Organics SEO ranking in Google; if you are looking for something “LOW COST”, perhaps Nexus in not the right fit. What we promised is delivering QUALITY result and we don’t compete in PRICING. I’m pretty sure you can find an agency to be 5x or 15x cheaper than Nexus and that is never the market we intend to be. We intend to deliver quality of services to SME and eventually shape their business becoming medium or upper medium size companies.

We spend heck lot of time research the best keywords for your website and to ensure delivering the intended results. At the stage of working out the whole plan for your business, we will consider chosen keywords from your end and ensuring a quick win when deploying SEO strategy to your website. Ultimately, our goal us to get your Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) strengthen and finally all keywords to the first page of Google! Nexus is the ONLY agency from Malaysia being trained by top 4 SEO Experts in the world, Rand Fishkin (Moz), Dr Pete Smith (Moz), Will Reynolds (Seer Interactive) and Will Critchlow (Distilled).

How long does it take to rank my website to the first page of Google?
It is very important to understand that organic SEO is a long-term and ongoing process; the results usually take at least a minimum of 1 to 6 months, depending on Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) as well. Very important to know the competitiveness of the chosen keywords also is the major factor and on top of that Google’s search engine algorithms. Our work doesn’t stop even after your website got to the first page of Google, we will continue to work on your domain to ensure a higher Google position is being maintained.

Have you received a CHEAP SEO Proposal from another SEO provider?
Of course you can always find cheaper SEO packages from other service provider, especially SEO providers without any reliable track record like NEXUS. I will always advise you to consider the following questions when deciding which SEO provider to choose.

Can you have CHEAP and QUALITY service at the same time?
The TRUE FACT is NO! Many so call SEO service providers offering low prices always use software that produces low quality backlinks and spammy links; that sort of practice will get your website into trouble and most of the time being penalised by Google. Always remember, your website can be banned by Google, even to the extend for 12 months! Nexus will not work for a cheap price SEO requirement and that is not our practice. Also note, every SEO campaign needs to spend a very minimum of 20 hours per month just focusing on your website.

If you are still thinking to choose a CHEAP SEO package, you may need to ask yourself whether you would work for $10 per hours? I guess you should have the answer and definitely NO! That is the true fact, doing SEO cheap NOT just will never deliver the result but get your website being banned by Google!

Can a CHEAP SEO company get your website rank first page of Google?
May be YES and I’m quite certain just for a short-time (usually for a week or two). This is being done using the spammy techniques and Google will certainly penalises your website as this is considered “Black Hat” SEO methods and NOT something NEXUS will use at all!

SEO Ranking Guarantees – Real or False?
A lot of agencies using the “Guarantee” word and some of them can’t even take care of their own website ranking in Google. At Nexus, we always disliked SEO Guarantees but MANY other SEO providers (NOT ALL) of them prey on the ignorance of the customer and their trust of the agency to do the right thing. Usually, the SEO service provider(s) says “Money Back Guaranteed – Not receiving the desired results we will give you a refund or SEO Top 10 Guaranteed or money back”.

Here is the issue with that statement and you need to understand.

Which is the search engines?
The guarantee typically does not state in which search engine so it could be in Yahoo or Bing as compared to Google.

Which keywords are they targeting?
Do you really know which keywords the agency is offering the guarantee? Most of the agency will choose a very little search volume or competitive keyword(s) to rank it.

What To Expect Upon from SEO Agency?
It is pretty simple, just to ensure the agency has a detailed campaign plan that comes with proposed SEO activities. You just need to communicate with the account manager and project manager in regard to the activities.

How Do I Know Whether SEO Is Working?
SEO works start, both parties needed to define the SEO clearly in terms of what is your business goals and what you expect upon and it cannot be just merely about ranking.

SEO implementation is taking too long?
If you expect instant traffic and ranking, perhaps SEO might not be where you should be investing your online marketing dollars as it needs time achieve sustainable ranking. Safe, sustainable SEO takes time to implement and it will certainly get results once your site is performing well; there is no shortcut in doing SEO. If you need instant traffic then you better off investing your money in Paid Search (PPC) such as Google Adwords rather than SEO. Nexus definitely is not a magician and some other service provides (NOT ALL) may make empty promises to satisfy you.

The Founder of Nexus has been doing SEO in Alta Vista, Infoseek and Yahoo since 1994 and with Google in 1999. SEO as a service has evolved a lot for the last two years and so much so Google is using RankBrain (Machine Learning) to understand searcher’ intends. A fixed package will never work for any business and looking for something CHEAP SEO, better of save the money and don’t invest in SEO. A customised SEO package will be the best way to engage an agency to deliver these services for your business.

Having a customised SEO package will certainly see the Return of Investment (ROI) what you get for your money, as you may need to have content marketing, social media, and more consultation; that is billable hours. How can top quality agency spending hours of their time with you and not charging you? Unless is for whatever reason …? My advice to you as a business owner and manager, you will need to understand more about SEO services, what is being done for you and how long it will take to deliver a return for your business.

Nexus’s SEO Specialists trained by Top 3 SEO guys in the world, Rand Fishkin, Dr. Pete Smith and Wil Reynold

ONLY at Nexus we send our SEO team to SEO conferences and classroom training by world’s top digital marketers. Conferences and classroom attended / attending by Nexus team

2011 : MozCon in Seattle, USA
2012 : MozCon in Seattle, USA
2013 : MozCon in Seattle, USA
2014 : MozCon in Seattle, Distilled SearchLove London
2015 : SMX Sydney, Distilled SearchLove San Diego
2016 : MozCon in Seattle, USA
2017 : MozCon in Seattle, USA (July 16 – July 19)

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