Trip To USA


This time around, I’m bringing 4 more persons from Nexus Mediaworks, Bernie, Jenice, Simlim and Zoey along with me to the USA to attend a conference and first road trip for my colleagues. Three of my colleagues will be travelling from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Haneda, Tokyo then final leg to Los Angeles. Whereas, 2 of us will be travelling from Auckland to Los Angeles and catching up with 3 of them in LAX.


Well, Bernie and I been in Bay areas for some years; bringing 3 of our colleagues and this is their first trip to the USA. I will be doing the road trip from LA to Seattle via San Francisco and Portland. I’m pretty confident this will be an exciting trip for my young colleagues of 24 and 25 years old. Arriving in LAX will be quite an experience for young gals like them and from my understanding, this is the longest travelling journey for 3 of them; Great!

They will be attending Mozcon2017 and this is their first International Conference.  They will be learning from the top and brightest SEO & Digital Marketing guys in the world Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds, Dr Pete Meyers and many digital experts in Seattle, Washington State. This is the annual routine of Nexus, bringing deserving colleagues along to learn and experience from the top marketers and also to experience the American culture. I’m hoping to catch-up with some of my ex-colleagues in Bay area for a simple coffee and bringing them to San Francisco for a quick visit. I will take this opportunity to bring them around Googleplex, Facebook Campus, and others if time permits.

I will want to take this opportunity to wish all of them to have a pleasant trip to experience America’s dream, happy learning and enjoy!

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