Voice Search SEO, Are you ready?


To Nexus Mediaworks, Voice search space in the future will be between Amazon and Google; Google is still very far behind as compared to Amazon Alexa.

Nexus Mediaworks, being one of the Top SEO Company in Malaysia don’t prepare based on rumours but rather knowledgeable enough to understand the paradigm shift of to Voice search. We have been testing Voice Search SEO for a couple of months and have gotten our clients ready for Voice Based SEO.  You either adapt to Voice enabled search or you will be falling behind.

Voice is slowly but surely changing the search space, with more smart devices, ie Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Home Pod, Microsoft Cortana and many others expanding their search capabilities beyond keyword query-based search.


Team Members is Testing Voice Search 

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“Hey Google, Tell me the Top SEO agency in Malaysia”

The paradigm shift is determined by market forces, as we are using the smartphone and smart devices on a daily basis of our life, the shift of search towards voice is not something come as a surprise and the trend will only get more intense.  As we are using Virtual & Personal Assistant like iPhone Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana on a daily basis, you can expect search will get better over time.

According to Seattle Times dated January 19, 2017, reported by Morgan Stanley, Amazon sold more than 11 million of Echo devices before the holiday seasons; analyst predicts Amazon Alexa devices have a 3-to-1 lead over Google Home.

You just can’t ignore this space as we at Nexus Mediaworks have been preparing for this space for a couple of months.  This will become an essential of your search strategies in the coming year and become incredibly important for search engine to refine the search results.  Google has been preparing for voice search for years and it will just get better in the results.  According to the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai during Google I/O 2017 keynote, he is putting Artificial intelligence as the future of Google and the extent of AI based search to be extended to Google Assistant, Google Cloud, Google Photos and others. Google is putting machine learning as Google’s major competitive advantage and will be embedded in all their offerings; the adoption of Google Voice Search has grown steadily since its introduction and continue to grow.

The improvements of voice recognition technologies have led to a higher adoption of the technology.  Google is going to use Knowledge Graph and RankBrain machine learning to provide better results to both organics search result and also voice initiated search results.  Everyone realised, we can’t live without our Mobile devices by our side and it is becoming more and more important.  As we are doing our searches with Voice Assistant of Google, we tend to use longer key phrases and searches becoming rather more natural.  Google is focusing very much on two areas that have a major impact on SEO, includes conversational search and answering questions with intent by delivering relevant search results. Naturally developing a targeted voice search SEO strategy is the way to go.

At Nexus Mediaworks, we set our footprint being the earliest SEO Agency venturing into this space and building our clients’ brand presence.  Over half of all Google searches originated from smartphone and 20 percent using voice to control their smartphone.  Data show one in every 10 Google searches come from voice search; we see the opportunity, chart our direction for our business and develop a strategic advantage to our clients.

Essentially, you will need to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search or you will be losing a significant chunk of business opportunity.

  1. You will need to look into Contents Structure, User Intent and Instant Answer
  2. Using Data Schema for SEO
  3. Creating Google My Business listing as part of the strategy
  4. You will need to plan out your longtail key phrases and contents strategy
  5. Creating Google My Business listing as part of the strategy
  6. Identify keywords producing Featured Snippets in Google Search and Optimize contents
  7. Use relevant images to illustrate featured snippets with keyword rich phrases
Voice Search Is Real!!!

There is no longer the same stigma attached to talking to our phones when there isn’t a real person on the other end of the line that there was in the past. The younger generation, typically made up of early adopters when it comes to technology, have welcomed voice search and use it for a variety of tasks (directions, google search, homework help, making calls, etc.) It’s not just kids and teens who turn to voice search, either.  Adults are also rapidly utilizing this technology, meaning it would be a mistake to ignore it when optimizing your online content.  Creating content that is more conversational can lead to more engaging pieces as well as ones that rank higher. The tips and strategies mentioned above are a great start for adapting content to the voice search era.

There is NO LONGER AN OPTION for businesses to ignore Voice Search in 2017 and Beyond.  The Younger generation is actively adopting voice search so as businesses are setting their direction towards that as well.  Nexus Mediaworks is ready to set you towards that direction and ensure you have an edge over your competitors.

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