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Bringing you premium quality SEO optimization and SEO services Malaysia  .  Our styles have evolved over the years, with new distribution channels have emerged, interactivity has blossomed and technology has changed video forever.

The influence of the video and voice technologies as it reaches the consumer in new and different ways has changed over time. You will realize users are more inclined to consume video thoroughly since skimming a video takes more effort than written text; they either watch it or they don’t. What does all this mean for marketers who are currently using video or even those who are not? Here’s my bet. We have been always saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and I believe it is time to change to “a moving picture is worth a million people." I believe there is probably millions of people who watch video who would probably agree with me and NEXUS setting a new direction for our newborn baby, “WeShot”, PaaS, cloud video creation platform, and we aim to offer one-stop digital marketing & SEO Malaysia solution. Our newborn baby “WeShot” combined with more than 1 decade of experience in SEO services Malaysia by NEXUS, we understand how to produce the video content, who to target but also for the search engine requirements.

Video and SEO, How Do They Work Together?
Big giants like Google and Facebook have paid attention to video’s rise, and are making changes to adapt to the industries. We have noticed Google SERP’s feature more video results and rich snippets than in the past and Facebook is constantly tweaking how video plays on their platform. But did you know that search engine optimization (SEO), has now teamed-up with video content to make it even more searchable than ever? It means getting video right is more important than ever. The rewards are greater than ever, and the competition is only increasing from here on out and my future bet will be SEO going to teamed-up with Virtual Reality (VR).

Google will be your best friend if you are trying to integrate video into your marketing strategy. Without a doubt, Google favors video. YouTube, a best friend of Google will be your strategy as YouTube has become the go-to video hosting service, videos are hosted for free, and will be indexed by Google. YouTube has a large user base within the platform, which can be a source of discovery for your videos and brand; that should give you some indication why video is important for SEO rankings. SEO is not about individual keywords anymore with Machine Learning (RankBrain) being introduced by Google. Yes, they are important, they just don’t carry the weight they once did. Google also factors into their searches what’s called LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords). It is another name for related terms or synonyms, so start thinking about LSI, thinking about RankBrain.

YouTube video pages receive preferential treatment from google for video results. This can work for you by getting your video seen, or against you by outranking the video page on your website. YouTube tends to be the source of referral traffic. While their users can generate millions of views for your videos, they will never want to leave YouTube. You can always use their advanced features to increase the odds of generating referrals traffics with in-video links at the end of your post.

Facebook has also been investing in its video capabilities. We have a choice to implement video content as part of your social strategy, then hosting your videos within Facebook and deliver an exponential result. Facebook video traffic comes from Live sessions, ad buy promotions, we will strategies a video repository that mirrors YouTube. By doing so, we will able to achieve several goals down the road, which includes:-

  1. A content hub where users can easily interact with the brand
  2. It will increase the search authority of a video content
  3. Perhaps a Facebook video platform as a conversion hub

With this strategy, it will establish a foundation should Facebook video prove to be a major conversion path as the platform itself continues to receive investment.

My post should be enough to get you realized the importance or video and get you started with video SEO. Without a doubt, video is known to enhance a marketing campaign’s reach, and at a lower cost. Video is also known to make a marketing campaign more effective through generating an increase in brand recall. I am pretty confident you will agree with me …


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